Significantly trim energy costs.  Improve your indoor comfort.  Conveniently manage all of your Bryant Evolution system components.  The Connex control provides zoning, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, cooling, heating, and air filtration control.  It’s not only multi-talented, this thermostat is smart, going beyond defined settings to always ensure peak comfort and cost savings.

Trusted Bryant Evolution Thermostats

Once you’ve programmed your schedule and comfort preferences, the Connex control communicates with your Bryant Evolution system, and reacts to the weather outside.  It not only accommodates “waking” or “at home” settings, but adapts HVAC system capacity, varying time and level of ramp up to save you the most money.  When installed in partnership with an Evolution Hybrid system, which combines a gas furnace and heat pump, the Connex control maximizes performance by choosing the most economical energy source for current demand.

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A Wi-Fi enabled Connex control makes it possible and simple to manage your system from anywhere at any time.  And the many conveniences don’t end there.  A Touch-N-Go feature allows quick changes from “sleep” or “away” settings to “wake” or “home.”  The control will remind you of necessary filter changes, provide the five-day local weather forecast, minimize temperature fluctuations with Perfect Heat technology, enhance cooling performance with Perfect Humidity technology, and cater to your needs with intuitive, lifestyle-based programming.  The Connex control also incorporates beautifully into any decor, with a slim profile, full-color, touch-screen display, and optional photo screensaver upload.  Call Always Comfy, LLC at 732-688-4737 to learn about the outstanding features of Connex control, and setup installation service in Middlesex County and surrounding areas.