While a standard thermostat measures temperature in a single location, the ecobee3 addresses varying comfort requirements throughout the house.  Wireless remote sensors, located in prioritized rooms, solve hot and cold spots, and maintain superior overall temperature.  A single ecobee3 thermostat supports up to thirty-two sensors, answering the requirements of any sized home.

Smart Temperature Control

The remote sensors not only monitor temperature, but occupancy as well.  By reacting to occupancy, the ecobee3 adapts operation to provide ideal comfort when you’re home, and energy savings when you’re away.  The system is designed to react to your changing patterns.  If you’re home during a scheduled “Away” period, it will automatically enhance comfort.  If you happen to be out during a scheduled “Home” period, the unit will automatically adjust to trim operational costs.

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By knowing which rooms you’re using, the ecobee3 ensures perfect temperatures at all times.  Your pet won’t activate sensors, and you can view and adjust your ecobee3 and remote sensors from your mobile app and web portal.  You’ll even receive alerts if there is a drastic change in temperature, or if batteries are running low.  With easy setup and guided operation, the ecobee3 makes it simple to answer the challenge of whole-home comfort.  Contact the experts from Always Comfy, LLC for more detailed information, recommendations, and installation.  We provide skilled and prompt service throughout Middlesex County and surrounding areas.