Slim, sleek, and with easy-to-read display, the Nest Learning Thermostat has been proven to save homeowners an average of twelve percent on heating bills and fifteen percent on cooling bills, paying for itself in less than two years.  Because the unit accommodates your daily life and changing seasons, it also simplifies both comfort and energy savings.

Convenient Comfort Control

The Nest Thermostat builds a schedule around your patterns.  Keeping track of when you normally adjust temperature at night before bed, or in the morning when you get up, the system adapts to automatically welcome you with ideal comfort and trim energy use when possible.  Using built-in sensors, as well as your phone’s location, your Nest Thermostat knows when you’re at home or out of the house.  And you can always access the system from your smartphone, to make changes and get updates from virtually anywhere.

Get a Nest Thermostat for optimum energy saving potential!

The Nest Thermostat helps you to conserve energy, providing a daily and monthly history of usage, and because the unit learns how you can better manage temperature, it provides tips.  It will also send an alert to your phone if there’s a problem, such as a drastic temperature change or malfunction with HVAC equipment.  For added convenience, your Nest Thermostat now features Farsight, lighting up when you enter the room, to display either temperature or time.  Specializing in these intelligent and rewarding thermostats, Always Comfy, LLC is always happy to supply additional information, provide installation, and familiarize you with operation.