Always Comfy, LLC provides precision control over your environment.  Through state-of-the art technology, we not only put tighter management at your fingertips, we eliminate the need for constant adjustment.  The installation of a smart thermostat translates into greater energy savings with far less effort, both simplifying your life and enhancing your comfort.  The specialists from Always Comfy, LLC recommend and install a range of sophisticated controls, bringing you the most innovative features available today.  Keep that severe weather in Middlesex County and surrounding areas firmly outside, and raise your expectations for the cost and quality of your indoor living space with solutions from Always Comfy, LLC.

Enjoy the convenience of a smart thermostat installation!

nestTake a look at the helpful features included with the Nest Learning Thermostat:

  • Learns your preferences for temperature and constructs a schedule around yours
  • Lights up when you walk into a room
  • Shows time or temperature in an easy-to-read display
  • Every time you make an adjustment, your thermostat will learn from your behavior
  • Auto-Away conserves energy when you’re out of the house, utilizing built-in sensors or even your phone
  • Make adjustments from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Get helpful alerts in the event of a problem, such as a temperature fluctuation

Some of the many rewarding features of the ecobee3 include:

  • Measures temperature in multiple locations throughout the house
  • Supports up to 32 sensors
  • Motion detection senses occupancy, ensuring comfort when you’re home, and savings when you’re out
  • Automatically adjusts if you end up home during an “away” period
  • Recognizes which rooms are in use for ideal comfort
  • Pets do not trigger sensors
  • Manage your indoor environment from your smartphone, tablet, or computer

Read on below for more smart thermostat information and schedule your installation today!

Bryant Evolution Thermostat

Connex control, when installed as part of a complete Bryant Evolution system, manages every component of your HVAC unit, delivering time, money, and energy savings.  Effectively optimizing control over zoning, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, cooling, heating and air filtration, a Bryant Evolution Thermostat offers customization of every aspect of your indoor comfort.  Actively monitoring indoor and outdoor conditions, and communicating with the Evolution system, Connex control adapts HVAC operation to better meet requirements.  Greater dehumidification, elimination of temperature fluctuations, maximized efficiency, and lower sound levels are just some of the benefits.  And you’ll take advantage of even further cost savings with easy management features, such as 7-day, wake-away-home-sleep and vacation programming.  Access the Wi-Fi enabled Connex control from virtually anywhere, by way of your smartphone or computer, and personalize the touch screen display by uploading a favorite photo.

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Mitsubishi Kumo Cloud

Remotely and wirelessly control your single- or multi-zone ductless split system with Mitsubishi kumo cloud.  You can effectively and easily manage indoor climate in multiple rooms of the house, or even in different venues, such as a vacation home or workspace.  The kumo cloud provides control over functions such as turning units on/off, system mode, fan speed, and more.  You’ll also remain current with filter change requirements or error codes.  From your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you’ll have total access, at all times, from anywhere you happen to be.  Take better and more convenient advantage of zoned conditioning.  Name your zones, designate groups, create programs and determine schedules for individual zones in multiple properties from one user-friendly app.  It’s simple to maximize the energy efficiency, cost-savings, and comfort rewards of your ductless systems with the kumo cloud.

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Featuring a big, bright beautiful display, the sleek and attractive Nest Thermostat is a quick learner.  Immediately following installation, the system begins building a schedule based on your patterns.  It remembers to adjust temperature at your normal bedtime to conserve energy, and provides ideal comfort when you wake up.  Taking on the responsibility for your energy management, the Nest Thermostat uses built-in sensors, and the location of your phone, to know if you’re at home or away, and it adjusts accordingly.  No matter where you happen to be, you can access the control from your smartphone, and make changes, or get updates.  Your Nest Thermostat supplies both daily and monthly energy tracking, and provides immediate alerts if there is a possible issue with HVAC equipment.  Easy to begin, easy to use, and easy to read, your Nest Thermostat lights up when you enter the room, showing time or temperature.

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ecobee 3

While most thermostats measure temperature in one fixed location, the ecobee3 supports up to thirty-two wireless remote sensors to improve comfort while saving you money.   Solving the challenge of rooms that tend to heat up, or are always slightly chilly, the ecobee3 responds to both temperature and occupancy.  Intelligent remote sensors, strategically placed, automatically maintain ideal comfort in occupied rooms and conserve energy when you’re out of the house.  Don’t worry, your pets won’t affect temperature control.  Your ecobee3 is both smart and adaptable.  It recognizes if you’re home during a scheduled “Away” period, or away during a scheduled “Home” period, and automatically reacts accordingly.  The ecobee3 not only significantly trims energy costs and provides superior comfort, it notifies you of drastic temperatures changes.  With simple setup and access from your smartphone or computer, the ecobee3 allows customization of your home for outstanding rewards.

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Putting cutting-edge digital technology at the tips of your fingers, the Sensi Thermostat was designed to meet exacting demand for control, convenience, and home comfort.  The Free Sensi smartphone app allows you to make adjustments, no matter what the weather outside is doing or where you happen to be.  Nine preset schedules and personalized options help trim annual energy costs by up to 30%.  There’s no need to heat or cool an empty home, or arrive home to uncomfortable conditions.  The ability to tinker with your thermostat settings, accommodate your changing schedule, and keep track of indoor conditions is never further than a touch away.  And because the Sensi Thermostat is compatible with almost any heating/cooling equipment, it is certain to provide the perfect solution for you.

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Aprilaire Touch Screen Wi-Fi IAQ 8920W
The Aprilaire 8920W is the first ever color touch screen in the industry that has all the controls right on the home screen! This model also has indoor air quality capabilities. It can also be controlled by your smart phone! It’s way more than a thermostat; think of it as your home’s air quality controller. If you are looking for complete control over your indoor comfort, then this thermostat is for you.

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